Heat Seekers | Review


Steve Lambert’s debut collection of poetry, Heat Seekers, is an extraordinary diary in verse. Each cleverly written contribution symbolizes a snapshot of a life truly felt. Mr. Lambert’s work is rooted. The poems grab you and invite you in with such amazing clarity.  His lexicon is thick and he chooses carefully with spectacular results.

Take for example his poem Heat Seekers, for which the collection acquired its name. The poem is simple in subject matter, a man sitting on a bench in his hometown, yet the rhythm of the language welcomes the reader to sit beside him and “feel the warm wooden bench” and listen “to the hot breeze bully the dry fronds overhead”.  With compelling lines like, “My hands read the polished grain of the bench like Braille”  the reader is transported.

Like life–the good, the bad and the ugly have their moments throughout the pages of this unique and utterly fascinating timeline of poetry. Lambert exposes himself and his experiences with raw detail in a style I have not seen before. Weaving tale after tale with an authentic voice that moves between tenderness and nostalgia then turns the corner with honesty without apology.  This style allows the reader to relate to each Wartime Lullaby sung and observation in line At the Shell. 

The most compelling aspect of this entire collection is its ability to invoke your senses, engage them and call them your own. There is a landscape of simplicity juxtaposition with just the right amount of naked reality that makes this anthology stand above others I have reviewed. I look forward to Mr. Lambert’s second collection with the eagerness of a boxer waiting to enter the ring.

Heat Seekers by Steve Lambert